These are a few of my favorite and/or most referenced resources for learning. This list seems to grow each day!

YouTube channels

  • Ralli Roots
  • Daily Refinement (formerly 10konthebay)
  • Thrifty Business
  • Susan A Wells
  • Being Thrifty Over Fifty Selling Past Your Expiration Date

Facebook Groups

  • Talking Antiques
  • The Thrifting Board
  • eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Selling Basics
  • eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores
  • Celtic Traders
  • Reseller Fam
  • eBay Radio

Tip – search Facebook for niche specific groups that you might be interested in joining. There is a Facebook group for just about every interest.


  • Scavenger Life
  • So You Wanna Sell on eBay
  • Flea Market Insiders
  • Reselling Over 40

TV Shows

While I will watch the myriad of US TV shows targeting the reselling world, I won’t list them here as they are quite easy to find. I do have a couple of European shows that I enjoy watching when I can find them.

  • Cash in the Attic – UK  (no longer produced)
  • Bares Fuer Rares – Germany ( )