Happy, Healthy and On The Road Again

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Jul 28, 2022
WOW! It’s been so long! Rambler and I are back, ready to share more adventures.
I start today with a reflection, and gratitude, of these past few years, which have changed us all.
I’m not one to “idle” well…some call it adult ADHD! But, today is one of those days where the gentle rain on our roof and a bed that felt unusually cozy, seeped into my soul and said…”Relax. Enjoy the peace and solitude. Come. Stay awhile.”
So, for a while, I escaped the din and reality of our world today and didn’t turn on the TV. I grabbed a cup of coffee and just sat, looking out over the river, soaking in the gentleness of this morning.
Watched three squirrels play in the pines. Watched a turkey fly in from the river bend. Enjoyed the after-rain breezes blow gently through our sun porch. Smiled, as the sun slowly peaked through the clouds. Took a long, hot soaking bath.
Ahh, serenity. I think I may like this slower, more gentle pace.
Soon, I will be back on the international trail doing what I love to do most, visiting German flea markets. I will share again with you, my travels, adventures and finds. All finds will be available for purchase on my eBay (user ID – Orthotech) and Etsy (Fleahopper Finds,) stores, upon my return.
Blessed and happy to be back in the saddle! Stay tuned!