August, 2017, what a great month for flea market and resale shop hunting in Bavaria, Germany. I hit up as many floh markts (flea markets), second hand shops and antique shops as my daughter and her friends agreed to. I thank them for hauling me around!

All venues were within a one hour drive from my base camp of my daughter’s home. Common themes throughout were: all things religious in this Catholic State; traditional and current fashion wear; outdoor activity clothing and paraphernalia; glass, pewter, porcelain and clay mass krugs (beer steins) of every size, shape and age; fine crystal; cow bells; framed vintage crewel artwork; and of course…Tupperware! One really gets a feel for the culture of this area as well as current trends just by observing things for sale at its markets.

This blog will simply list the markets or shops that I visited, share photos and give you relative distance from the city of Kempten, in the Allgaeu region of Bavaria that I call home when in Germany. This region in the foothills of the German Alps is ripe with dairy farm communities dotting autobahn and winding country road routes. Pictures do a much better job of describing than I do so I will let you travel along with me through photos! Enjoy the tour.

Should this ride-along have you dreaming of a like adventure for yourself, please let me know. I’d love to help you plan your own up front and personalized trip.


Obertsdorf Floh Markt – 30 minutes

This market is detailed in another blog post. Check it out.



Memmingen Floh Markt – 30 minutes




Kaufbauruen Floh Markt – 30 minutes

This market is detailed in another post. Check it out.





Woltenhofen Thrift Store – 4 km from Kempten city center

No photos from here this day. I didn’t see anything that I could live without but my daughter found a brand new pair of boys Nike soccer shoes for 4 euro.


Woltenhofen Floh Markt – 4 km from Kempten city center

This market is detailed in another post. Check it out. My “golden” find at this market is the gold watch. I made a nice resale profit on it while still on my trip!




Sontheim Floh Markt – 35 minutes.

This is the same flea market that I bill as the both the smallest and largest flea market that I’ve been to in Bavaria…3 different years. Always worth the drive.


Bad Worishofen “Garage Sale” – 40 minute drive

This was a rare sale held in the seller’s barn buildings. There were 4 rooms of items to wander through. We got a flyer to this sale from one of our previous stops.




Bayerisher Floh Markt – 45 minutes

See previous post dedicated to this day.


Kempten Thrift Store – Allerhand – Kempten city center

Two different resale shops. One on the top floor and one on the lower level. On this day I found a leather purse for 17 euro. I might keep that one!


St. Mang Second Hand Shop – 5 km from Kempten city center



Antik Hof Antique Shop & Restaurant – 40 minute drive

A fun visit on a Sunday when almost everything in Germany is closed.



Fussen Floh Markt – 30 minute drive

This is only minutes away from the famous Neuschwanstein Castle that you see in many Bavarian photos. Make a day of it and take in the castle while in Fussen. Well worth the visit.


Oberstdorf Floh Markt – 40 minutes



Fischen Floh Markt – 30 minutes

Take some time to visit the World Ski Jumping Championship site that is adjacent to the parking lot that hosts this floh markt.





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