Fleahopper…a person, an adventure, a flea market lifestyle.

Definition: A person who travels for the sole purpose of visiting flea markets, around the world.

Step in for a glimpse of our unintentional  life as international flea market adventurers. What began as a childhood ritual of attending auctions with family, serendipitously evolved into an international picking dream when our daughter moved to Germany in 2001. We continue to travel frequently in search of new flea markets around the world. 

Come along. Enjoy the ride. Jump into the knapsack of our traveling companion Rambler, as we hop across the globe and visit flea markets in major cities and tiny villages. Enjoy the ramble through picturesque European countrysides as well as bustling metropoles. Hear the tales of local folklore. Ogle the wares spread on bare hot asphalt or fine linen draped tables. Snag a special momento that speaks to your soul. Embrace the magic of the moment when you snicker at the reality of women around the world off-loading mismatched kitchen plastic ware!

We will stroll through  “fleas” in Germany, the Czech Republic, Paris, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the US. We will awe at major landmarks and tiny babbling rivers. From Hammerunterweisenthal, Germany to Paris, France…local history comes alive!

If our experiences ignite a flea market travel adventure in you, please let us know! Our dream is that you will join us on a future group tour for a  “Flea Market Junkies” adventure of a lifetime…true budget travel!